Qualstik Plus

The Qualstik is an excellent survey tool to assist determining placement of power factor correction devices as well as identifying other power quality problems.

Developed specifically for measurement of four important items of power quality in the electric utility industry,  Current, True Power Factor, Total Harmonic Distortion and the Direction of Current Flow.

The Qualstik is not position sensitive, just slip it over a conductor and touch the electrode in the bottom of the fork to the line. The meter will store and calculate the three measurements within 10 seconds. The current reading is shown on one line of the display while the power factor and THD readings share the other line. The direction of current flow indication shows below the other readings on the display. The housing of the Qualstiks are made of urethane and built to operate safely even in severe utility environments. They are resistant to shock, water repellent, and unsusceptible to flame. They also operate in a wide temperature environment.

Product Range

Product NumberProduct descriptionVoltageCurrentDisplaySensor opening (cm)
8-061XT PLUSQualstik Liveline power quality meter600V – 500kV1 -2000AGraphics LCD6.35
8-062 PLUSWide Jaw Qualstik Liveline power quality meter600V – 500kV1 -2000AGraphics LCD9.8

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