Customer Service

Operational customer service centres in NSW and QLD

Both our Queensland Head Office and NSW Sales and distribution centre are equipped with administrative and technical staff to assist with all types of customer enquiries.
Message us at or call the relevant number below.

23-25 Union Circuit, Yatala QLD

Looking after Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Phone: (07) 3807 7022

140 Glendenning Rd, Glendenning NSW

Looking after New South Wales and all other states.

Phone: (02) 9621 3155

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Sicame Australia will strive to continue on the path of delivering exceptional customer service and product support from a local base that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Streaks Ahead in Logistics

It is the primary focus of our logistics team to deliver both internal and external customers the highest level of logistics support. We have a purposed designed system to manage the stock level of components, finished stock and purchasing. We utilize and control the most effective means of delivery using high-quality carriers.

On-time delivery

We are constantly reviewing and improving our systems to maintain and further our service to meet customer expectations. This is an ongoing and developing process. Our on-time delivery and logistics performance has time and time again been proven with many awards from our customers for exceptional service.

Experts in managing all aspects of the logistics cycle

One of the major issues in a country as vast and as isolated as Australia is the delivery of products to the customer on time and in good condition. Sicame Australia is focused on managing all aspects of the logistics cycle from the controlling of stock including both sub-components, finished products, purchasing and freight. The mixture of both locally sourced raw materials and materials further complicates this process or sub-components imported from other Sicame subsidiaries.

Ahead of the competition.

Experience our top level customer service.