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The Sicame Australia laboratories are accredited for a wide variety of tests specified in Australian, USA and European standards.

Having local testing facilities gives us the ability to remain at the cutting edge of our industry and provide top tier technical support to existing and prospective customers.

QA Certificate

In all that we do, Sicame Australia works to earn the confidence of our customers and to provide reliable and trustworthy products that are supported by outstanding customer service.

Having held certification for our Quality Management System since 1992, Sicame Australia understands the importance of having a robust framework to ensure that our products and our business processes are always world class.

Sicame Australia continues to evolve, using all efforts to exceed the ever changing needs and wants of our customers and other stakeholders. Using ISO 9001 as a basis for both the Yatala and Sydney sites, Sicame Australia embraces the philosophy of continuous improvement and actively seeks ways to enhance our products. Further, we strive to work collaboratively and productively with our suppliers and to capitalise on opportunities to make all our business activities as competitive, lean, effective and error-proof as they possibly can be.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

Sicame Australia is committed to environmental protection and good stewardship. To this end, Sicame continuously works on minimising consumption, conserving resources, recycling, reducing waste and pursuing any other opportunities to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

Considering the life cycles of our products as well as our business activities, Sicame is proactive in seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to achieve best practice.

To show our commitment to being environmentally responsible, Sicame Australia made the decision in 2007 to obtain certification to ISO 14001 for the Environmental Management System at the Yatala site. Sicame Australia is proud to have successfully maintained this certification for all these years and continues to make every effort to ensure our ongoing environmental sustainability.

We keep up to date with the latest industry standards.

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