About Sicame Australia

An Introduction to Sicame Australia

We have over the years developed a business that encapsulates all the functionality of a modern manufacturing company, covering the disciplines of research & development, product design, testing, manufacturing and logistics. To accomplish this we have a highly geared and motivated team engaged in manufacturing, engineering, administration, logistics and sales staff to support the growing business.

Our product offering covers a broad range including
  • LV ABC fittings and accessories
  • Aluminium XLPE LV overhead service system
  • MV Insulated overhead system
  • Underground waterproof insulation piercing connectors and submersible fuses
  • MV Underground Cable accessories including custom designed resin, heatshrink or coldshrink joints, terminations & separable connectors
  • Renewable Energy products for Solar & Wind farms
  • All Di-Electric Self Supporting (ADSS) and Optical Fibre Ground Wire (OPGW), High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) systems.
  • Electrical Safety and Personal Protection Equipment
  • Tooling and test equipment

We lead the industry in the design, manufacturing and testing of MV Portable Earthing Systems and LV Bonding for overhead and underground networks. We also have a range of specialist connectors and fittings for the Industrial and commercial markets. Sicame Australia is well placed for the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to remain the leader in this field of technology in our region and to strengthen our market base by focusing on local and offshore markets where opportunities for our specialised technology exist.

Our Values

  •  We will present value to our customers by recognising their needs through innovation that will enhance their business. We will retain their loyalty because no other manufacturer can serve them so well.
  •  We will meet the challenges of change in our business by innovation in the way we operate and with a commitment to embrace opportunity.
  •  We will encourage our staff to grow with those opportunities to their full potential and to harness their ability through delegation, training, trust and open communication.
  •  We will always be seen to maintain the highest standards of integrity and be perceived by our customers to be innovative, professional, secure and a strong dependable market leader.
  •  We will continue to ensure that our products are designed and manufactured to the requirements of ISO international quality standards to which we are certified. We will ensure our products are supported by thorough training and will always be considered safe, technically superior, easy to use and readily available.

Our Customers

Our primary customer base includes Australian and international electricity transmission and distribution supply authorities. Original equipment manufacturers, mining, oil, gas and infrastructure companies along with electrical resellers, wholesalers and larger electrical contractors are an important part of our customer focus.

Company Activities

The principal activities of Sicame Australia involve the design, manufacture and supply of specialist electrical single and multi-tap connectors, fuses and mechanical hardware for use on overhead and underground electricity distribution systems. These activities are supported by the latest computer design and manufacturing programs available. Along with our advanced machinery and testing facilities, Sicame Australia is well placed at the forefront of manufacturing technology in Australia for this business sector. Our advanced modeling, prototyping and testing facilities enable extremely rapid new product development and testing. This results in very “short time to market” products together with the ability to produce relatively small production runs to suit specific customer requirements.

Sicame Australia, with its local and international network infrastructure and ISO-9002 certification offer their customers a unique opportunity to benefit from innovative products and systems to gain sustainable competitive advantages necessary in today’s competitive environment.

Sicame Australia represents all Sicame Group companies in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific.

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