Piranha Series

The Piranha series are a range of general purpose multi-port waterproof insulation piercing connectors, ideal for use in wet areas or in areas subject to casual submersion (i.e. connection pits, hand-holes and man-holes). They will provide a waterproof connection for a wide range of single core copper or aluminium cables without the need to strip the cable or apply heat-shrink, resins or gels.

Not suitable for flexible or welding cables.

Product Range

Product Number Cable Ports Cable Range*
PHMS2‐6‐502 6 to 50 mm2
PHMS3‐6‐503 6 to 50 mm2
PHMS4‐6‐504 6 to 50 mm2
PHMS4‐16‐954 16 to 95 mm2
PHM4‐95‐3004 95 to 300 mm2
PHM5‐16‐955 16 to 95 mm2
PHM5‐95‐2405 95 to 240 mm2
PHM6‐16‐24064 x 16 to 95mm 2
2 x 95‐240 mm2
PHS2X2‐95‐2404 95 to 240 mm2
PHS2‐6‐502 6 to 50 mm2
PHS2‐35‐1852 35 to 185 mm2

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