Life Saving Rescue kits MV

In case of an electrical accident, quick response is essential: seconds gained or lost can decide the life or death of a victim.
Our life saving equipment is designed to make all necessary materials immediately available to rescue personnel.

Kit includes:
• 1 rescue telescopic stick
• 1 voltage detector with flexible antenna contact (with autotest)
• 1 cable cutter with insulated handles
• Forged steel blades maximum opening: 30mm
• 1 insulating platform, 24 kV high voltage or 36 kV high voltage insulating gloves, insulating boots
• Insulating gloves, insulating boots
• Safety instructions on the plastic board
• 1 talcum powder can.

Product Range

Product NumberTensionWeight (kg)Dimensions (mm)
CZ-54-R24KV21840 x 745 x 270
CZ-55-R36KV21840 x 745 x 270

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