HSC Series

The HSC series of connectors have been specially designed to connect consumers mains (house side) to insulated overhead service mains (service side). Fully insulated and equipped with torque control shear-head bolts, the HSC is safe and easy to use. No stripping of insulation is required on the service mains side. The consumers mains side requires 17mm of insulation to be stripped.

The body is made from UV stable thermo plastic elastomer TPE. There are two versions available of the HSC, the single bolt connection designed for both phase and neutral connections and the two bolt HSCDB. The HSCDB is a two-bolt connection designed specifically for the Neutral where the customer requires additional security of the connection with two bolts and sets of teeth or tunnel connection points safeguarding against incorrect installation.

The HSC are easily installed and can be used alone or placed inside a mains box, see MCB Series.

Products on this page are unsuitable for multi-stranded flexible cables.

Product Range

Product NumberDescriptionConsumer Mains Cable Range mm²Service Cable Range mm²
HSC435AHouse service connector tin plated brass teeth & tunnel4 -356 – 35
HSC435BHouse service connector tin plated brass contact plate on bolt & tin plated brass teeth & tunnel4 -356 -35
HSC435DBTwin bolt neutral house service connector tin plated brass contact plate on bolts & tin plated brass teeth & tunnel connections with viewing windows4 -356 – 35

  Note: Add suffix ‘E’ for addition of yellow shear-head indicator

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