Electrical Insulating Gloves with Mechanicial Protection

Sicame subsidiary CATU are one of the world leaders in the electrical safety market, having been experts in electrical risk prevention for over 100 years.

The company has gradually integrated the manufacturing of its safety equipment and for almost a decade CATU has mastered manufacturing of electrical insulating gloves.

Insulating gloves are manufactured in compliance with international standards. Every pair of CATU gloves is individually tested by dielectric test and visual inspection.

Protection against thermal hazards from an electric arc.  Rating : IEC 61482-1-2 APC 2


Product Range

Product NumberClassVoltage AC Voltage DC CategoryLengthColourATPV cal/cm2
SUPER-CGM-00-(*)-R00≤ 500 V≤ 750 VRC360Orange12
SUPER-CGM-0-(*)-R0≤ 1000 V≤ 1500 VRC360Orange12
SUPER-CGM-1-(*)-R1≤ 7500 V≤ 11250 VRC360Orange12
SUPER-CGM-2-(*)-R2≤ 17000 V≤ 25500 VRC360Orange12
SUPER-CGM-3-(*)-R3≤ 26500 V≤ 39750 VRC360Orange12
SUPER-CGM-4-(*)-R4≤ 36000 V≤ 54000 VRC410Orange12
SUPER-CGM-4-(*)-R4≤ 36000 V≤ 54000 VRC410Orange40

(*) Reference to be completed by size codes

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