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One of the most important aspects of business between the manufacturer and the customer is its customer service team. This link is an information flow between both organisations, so this is the most important aspect of our business; it must be accurate, comprehensive, on time and reliable. Sicame has established a highly motivated and resourceful team of personnel that are focused on delivering the highest customer service level.

We have two operational customer service centres, one in Yatala, Queensland, looking after Queensland and the Northern Territory and one in Arndell Park, New South Wales, looking after all other states. Both centres have the latest computer order processing facilities that has been designed specifically for the Sicame operation. Both centres are supported by technical personnel. The customer service team is responsible for sales enquiries, quotations, order placement, order delivery and general customer enquiries.

SICAME AUSTRALIA will strive to continue on the path of delivering exceptional customer service and product support from a local base that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.



One of the major issues in a country as vast and as isolated as Australia is the delivery of products to the customer on time and in good condition. To achieve on-time delivery Sicame is focused on managing all aspects of the logistics cycle from the controlling of stock including both sub components, finished products, purchasing and freight. The mixture of both locally sourced raw materials and materials further complicates this process or sub components imported from other Sicame subsidiaries.

This is where the logistics team at Sicame is streaks ahead of other organisations. It is a primary focus of our logistics team to deliver both internal and to external customers the highest level of logistics support. We have a purposed designed system to manage stock level of components, finished stock and purchasing. We utilize and control the most effective means of delivery using high quality carriers.

We are constantly reviewing and improving our systems to maintain and further our service to meet customer expectations. This is an ongoing and developing process. Our on-time delivery and logistics performance has time and time again been proven with many awards from our customers for exceptional service.


Quality Assurance

Sicame Australia is accredited to ASNZS ISO 9001 2008, quality assurance is at the core of our business. It manages the processes and monitors and audits improvements. It ensures that’s both sub components and finished products comply with specifications. Manufacturing, processes and company procedures are monitored and audited on a regular basis. All employees are Sicame take quality assurance seriously and actively participate in process improvement.

The Sicame quality assurance system is an evolving system, not one that is placed permanently in stone. This is achieved by constantly reviewing our quality system to ensure it meets the ever-changing requirements of our customer and their expectations


Enviromental Policy

Sicame Australia was one of the first electrical utility manufacturers to implement an environment management system. We are accredited to International ISO 14001 2004 since May 2007. Sicame Australia saw the need to be environmentally friendly many years ago and implemented an environment management system to reduce wastage of raw materials, stop pollution, reduce demand on resources and minimize our carbon footprint.

We have actively reduced water and energy consumption, ensured we carried on a non-pollution policy, increased recycling and reduced the use of non-recyclable packaging to an absolute minimum. All staff actively participates in this program on a daily basis.







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