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Powerline Warning Markers

Overhead Powerlines present a low visibility hazard for wildlife, construction workers and low flying agricultural aircraft. When unwanted collisions occur, serious injury can result along with unwanted major asset damage to the electrical network. The warning markers below have been specifically designed to mitigate these risks, enabling safe operation of electrical distribution and transmission infrastructure.

Product Range

High Visibility Warning Flag
Product NumberDescription
SIC-WM-CS-E-1J-OWarning Flag, Signal Light Weight Orange PVC
3D Rotating Warning Marker
Product NumberDescription
SIC-WM-CS-E-1H-RWWarning Rotomarka 3D Vane, Red & White UV
SIC-WM-APP-TOOLApplication Tool for ROTAMARKA – 300 x 55 for sunrise tele stick LLCR-E

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