The Varcorder measures and records Amps and Power Factor. A voltage constant is then applied in software to calculate VARs. The Varcorder uses the same current sensor technology as the
original Ampstik. This patented amp sensor does not use magnetic materials and has no moving parts.

The opening of the sensor is electronically closed, and external currents are electronically rejected. The accuracy, external current reject, and range of currents measured by the patented amp sensor substantially exceed the performance of the best clamp-on sensors. The true power factor is calculated by measuring the electric field in comparison with the current reported from the amp sensor. The key feature of the unit is the ability to leave it deployed on the line to record readings every 15 minutes for 90+ days. It easily attaches to the line with a standard shotgun style hotstick. Once on the line, it immediately begins to collect and record the current and power factor on the line.

Product Range

Product NumberProduct descriptionVoltage RangeCurrent RangeResolutionPower Factor
6-910-33 x Varcorders69 kV1 -2000 A0.1A-0.71 – 0.71

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