TTD Series

Insulated Piercing Connectors

For connecting Insulated Mains to Insulated Mains or Insulated Services.
The Sicame TTD range of insulation piercing connectors (IPCs) provide a fast, convenient and reliable method of connecting overhead low voltage mains to services or other mains. All common types of conductors can be interconnected, including insulated aluminium or copper. The connectors have been tested to IEC and Eurpoean standards, and are approved for use by Australian power distribution utilities (consult for further details).
The Sicame TTD range has a long proven track record in the harsh Australian climatic conditions.

Not suitable for multi-stranded or flexible cables

Product Range

Product NumberMains Cable mm²Branch Cable mm²No. of BoltsBolt Size
TTD051XFA16 to 951.5 to 101M8
TTD101XFA6 to 546 to 351M8
TTD151XFA16 to 956 to 351M8
TTD201XFA25 to 9525 to 951M8
TTD241XFA16 to 1506 to 351M8
TTD271XFA25 to 15025 to 1201M8
TTD301XFA25 to 9525 to 952M8
TTD351XFA25 to 15025 to 952M8
TTD401XFA50 to 18550 to 1502M8
TTD431XFA70 to 24016 to 952M10
TTD451XFA95 to 24095 to 2402M10
TTD551FJA120 to 40095 to 2402M10

  Note: Add suffix ‘E’ for addition of yellow shear-head indicator

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