Radio Ampstik

Radio linked multiple reading Ammeter

The Radio Ampstik uses the same current sensor technology as the original Ampstik. Its key feature is the ability to display the current reading up to 50 feet away from the sensor. The user has the option to hold the display in their hands, mount it to their hotstick, or hang it on their bucket.

The Radio Ampstik display can hold up to four True RMS amperage readings, and makes it easy to record the measurements for further review. The easy storage and retrieval of data make it a labor saving and useful instrument.

The sensor for the Radio Ampstik was re-engineered to optimize its new wider opening (2.5 inch, 6.35 cm) that is more durable and can accurately measure from 1 to 5000 amps.

Product Range

Product NumberProduct descriptionVoltageCurrentDisplay
6-120Radio Ampstik0 – 69kV1 -5000A5 digit

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