PFV Series Accessories

100 Amp Service Fuse Disconnector Accessories

There are several accessories available for the PFV100695, to facilitate various mounting applications. All are designed and developed to suit harsh environmental conditions.

Product Range

Product NumberDescription
PFBKT1Bracket – Galvanised for single phase PFV100 fuse
PFBKT3Bracket – Galvanised for three phase PFV100 fuse
PFBKT6Bracket – Galvanised for six PFV100 fuses
HFBKT1Bracket – PFV100 fuse single phase house mounting
HFBKT3Bracket – PFV100 fuse three phase house mounting
PFVAB1Bracket – PFV100 fuse swan neck adaptor
NPPFV100695WhiteSpare number plate – White to suit PFV100695 E IDP
NPPFV100695YellowSpare number plate – Yellow to suit PFV100695 E IDP
NPPFV100695BlueSpare number plate – Blue to suit PFV100695 E IDP
BS100British standard 100 amp fuse – 22mm x 58mm cylindrical
BS080British standard 80 amp fuse – 22mm x 58mm cylindrical

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