NTD Series

Bare Mains to Insulated Service Cable Connectors

The Sicame NTD range of insulation piercing connectors provide a fast, easy and reliable method of connecting insulated aluminium or copper cables, to bare overhead aluminium or copper mains.

Not suitable for multi-stranded or flexible cables

Product Range

Product NumberTypeBare Mains Cable mm²Insulated Branch Cable mm²No. of Bolts
Bare Conductor Copper
NTD101F*CU6 to 702.5 to 351
NTD301XFACU7 to 9525 to 952
NTD351XFACU50 to 15025 to 952
NTD401XFACU50 to 15050 to 1502
Bare Conductor Aluminium
NTD101AF*AL6 to 542.5 to 351
NTD301AXFAAL7 to 9525 to 952
NTD351AXFAAL50 to 15025 to 952
NTD401AXFAAL50 to 15050 to 1502
NTD431AXFAAL95 to 24035 to 952
NTD451AXFAAL95 to 24095 to 1502

* Denotes galvanised fasteners
** NTD101F & NTD101AF can be substituted with the local manufactured (utility approved) CAW & CCW range.

Note: Add suffix ‘E’ for addition of yellow shear-head indicator

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