MSC Series

MSC Series

The MSC range consists of a standard 2 bolt IPC and multi-tap satallite connector, facilitating up to 4 x service tap connections. Can be used for connection at multiple tap cables from a single mains connection point. Reduces poletop clutter of phase or neutral service connections. Can be fitted with Red, White or Blue phase identification plates, or black for the neutral.

Not suitable for multi-stranded or flexible cables

Product Range

Product NumberDescriptionMains Cable TypeMains Cable Range mm²Service Cable Range mm²
MSCA/50150X*Connector – Multi-service bare AL mains 50-150sqmm black body with black plateBare Aluminium50 to 1504 x 6-35
MSCC/50150X*Connector – Multi-service bare CU mains 50-150sqmm black body with black plateBare Copper50 to 1504 x 6-35
MSCC/795X*Connector – Multi-service CU mains 7-95sqmm with black plateBare Copper7 to 954 x 6-35
MSCI/3595X*Connector – Multi-service LV ABC mains 35-95sqmm black body with black plateInsulated35 to 954 x 6-35
MSCI/50150X*Connector – Multi-service LV ABC mains 50-150sqmm black body with black plateInsulated50 to 1504 x 6-35

*Add BLUE, RED OR WHITE to the product number for coloured base plate

  Note: Add suffix ‘E’ for addition of yellow shear-head indicator

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