ME & ME(T) Series – Mechanical Earth Bonding Kits for LV PILC/SWA cables

Mechanical connector kits for the bonding of LV cable armouring and lead sheaths to earth and neutral. Ideally suited for PILC/SWA cables. Lead wipes are not required. Quick and easy to install.
All the necessary components are provided in the kit including torque controlled worm drive clamps.

Product Range

Product NumberNominal diameter range over lead sheath (mm2)Nominal PILC Cable Size range
Nominal PILC Cable Size range (in2)Earth bond cable size (mm2)
ME3523-3216-350.0225 – 0.061 x 10-35
ME(T)3523-3216-350.02 – 0.062 x 10-35
ME5021-4425-500.04 – 0.081 x 10-70
ME12021-4425-1200.04 – 0.21 x 10-70
ME(T)12021-4425-1200.04 – 0.22 x 10-70
ME18519-70150-1850.25 – 0.31 x 10-70
ME40025-76150-4000.25 – 0.51 x 10-70
ME(T)40025-76150-4000.25 – 0.52 x 10-70

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