MCB Series

MCB Series

The MCB is available in single and three phase units, both have environmental base and cover of impact resistant UV stabilised material to protect both the consumer mains and service mains at the connection point. The MCB accepts the standard single bolt HSC series connector suitable for 6 to 35mm² cable. Each stock unit contains the HSC series (House Services Connector) providing a fully sealed bimetallic connection of copper consumer mains to AI or Cu services. The unit can be purchased without connectors if desired.

The MCB has a rear access point for consumer mains entry and accepts a 30 & 40mm threaded conduit adaptor if required.

Not suitable for multi-stranded or flexible cables

Product Range


Product Number DescriptionNumber of Connectors
MCB1Mains box – single phase0
MCB1/2HAMains box – single phase, with HSC435A2
MCB1/2HAEMains box – single phase, with HSC435AE2
MCB3Mains box – three phase0
MCB3/4HAMains box – three phase MCB, with HSC435A4
MCB3/4HAEMains box – three phase MCB, with HSC435AE4

  Note: Add suffix ‘E’ for addition of yellow shear-head indicator

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