Industrial Mains Box Series

The 3 phase industrial mains box was developed to accept the ILC range of connectors to provide additional weather and mechanical protection at the point of attachment for industrial services.
There is no need to strip or use specialist tools like hand or hydraulic compression tools.

Dimensions of MCBILC range are larger than standard MCB range.

Not suitable for multi-stranded or flexible cables

Product Range

Product NumberDescriptionCable Range mm²Number of ILC Connectors
MCB1/2ILCMains box – industrial + 2 x ILC6956 to 952
MCB1/2ILC-3595Mains box – industrial + 2 x ILC359535 to 952
MCB3/4ILCMains box – industrial + 4 x ILC6956 to 954
MCB3/4ILC-3595Mains box – industrial + 4 x ILC 359535 to 954

  Note: Add suffix ‘E’ for addition of yellow shear-head indicator

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