ILC Series

ILC Series

The ILC was developed to provide a quick and easy method of connecting insulated cables, without the need for specialist tooling e.g. hydraulic tools. A general-purpose in-line connector for both aluminium and copper insulated cables in the range 6-95mm².
If used on double insulated cable the outer sheath must be stripped off. All other connection points must be sealed. The product is UV stabilised, made from robust thermo plastic elastomer TPE, it can be used individually or housed in an ILC mains box, see MCB3/4 ILC for added protection.
The ILC is a non-tension fitting.

ILC635 is not suitable for use in standard mains connection boxes, only the Industrial Mains Connection Box.

Not suitable for multi-stranded or flexible cables

Product Range

Product Number Cable Range mm² Bolt Colour Bolt Head AF mm
ILC635 6 to 35 Blue 19
ILC695 6 to 95 Black 19
ILC3595 35 to 95 Black 19

   Add suffix ‘E’ for shear-head bolt indicator

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