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Various Galvanised Steel Hardware

Open Eye Bolts, J Hooks, Q Hook, LVABC Hook, ABC Mechanical Weak Links, M12 Eye Nuts, Angle Bracket

Product Range

Open Eye Bolts
Length ‘L’ (mm) Product Number
16mm Dia. ‘D’ 20mm Dia. ‘D’
250 OEB16X250* OEB20X250*
325 OEB16X325
350 OEB16X350* OEB20X350*
*Preferred item in AS3766
Product Number Description Tag Hole Size
J Hook J Hook
J Hook-T J Hook with Earth Tag 11mm
SH-T Closed Eye J Hook with Earth Tag 11mm
Q Hook Q Hook
Product Number Max. Working Load Hook Diameter (mm)
HB1 12kN 16
ABC Mechanical Weak Links
Product Number Colour Coded Nominal Falling Load
Nominal Dimensions
LFG150 1.5 6 64 27
LFG400T 4 10 70 20
LFG600T 6 10 65 20
LFG800T 8 12 70 20
M12 Eye Nuts
Product Number Description
OEN M12 M12 eye nut to Energy Australia specifications
OEN M12 E M12 extended eye nut to Energy Australia specifications
Angle Bracket
Product Number Dimensions (mm)
ANG BKT A: 76.5     B: 74.5     C: 50     ØD: 17.5     ØE:21.5

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