Cutters, Strippers, Testers, Wedges and End Caps

  • Ratchet Cable Cutter
  • Cable Strippers
  • Reusable Insulated Cable Test Point
  • Core Separation Tool
  • Cable End Cap

Product Range

Ratchet Cable Cutter
Product NumberConductor Range
RCC-424 x 95mm² LVABC
Cable Strippers
Product NumberCable Size (mm²)
Reusable Insulated Cable Test Point
Product NumberCable Range
PPI5140.6mm – 14.4mm
MS-6312mm – 31mm
Core Separation Tool
Product Number
Cable End Caps
Product NumberCable Size (mm²)Diameter of Cable (mm)Length (mm)
CES116-707.5 to 13.545
CES295-15016.5 to 21.045

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