CCW Series

Single Bolt
The CCW series of connectors have been specially designed to provide a waterproof connection between insulated overhead services to a variety of bare copper overhead mains. Both single and double tap models are available along with a two bolt mains and service tap for neutral connections.

Double Bolt
The two bolt CCW is specifically designed for the neutral connection where two bolts or clamping plates contact the conductor ensuring a positive dual connection.

Products on this page are unsuitable for multi-stranded flexible cables.

Product Range

Product NumberMains Cable Range mm²Service Tap Cable Range mm²Number of Service ConnectionsViewing Window
CCW355.5-1356 – 351Yes
CCW2355.5-1356 – 352Yes
CCW35BK5.5-1356 – 351No
CCW235BK5.5-1356 – 352No
CCW35DB5.5-1356 – 351Yes

  Note: Add suffix ‘E’ for addition of yellow shear-head indicator

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