APR Series

160 Amp, 400 Amp & 600 Amp Fuses

Developed to work with NH fuses, the APR series of fuse switch disconnectors are available in 160, 400 and 630 amp versions. They are used for the protection and isolation of secondary lines of the networks; to protect transformer outputs, and to have protections when switching from aerial to underground networks.

Due to the several applications and protection uses of the APR switches; they are supplied not only with a huge range of characteristics included in the equipment, but also has several operational applications that allow increasing the APR versatility.

Product Range

Product NumberAmp Rating with FuseAmp Rating Switching Load Solid LinkPhasesConnection TypeConnection Configuration SupplyConnection Configuration Load (Customer)
Product NumberWith SealsWith NeonNumber SystemFuse in IDArching ChambersWith BracketBolts for BracketFuse Size Din
APR33400DVKXAUSCoverYesYesYesYesYesStainless SteelNH1 or 2
APR630TPKAUSCoverNoNoYesYesNoStainless SteelNH3

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