Ampstik Plus

The AmpstikPlus uses the same current technology that was developed for the original SensorLink Ampstik. The key feature of the AmpstikPlus is the ability to hold up to four True RMS amperage readings, ending the need to raise and lower the hotstick for each reading.

The opening of the current sensor is electronically closed, while external currents are electronically rejected. This sensor design enables the user to measure an individual conductor within close
proximity to adjacent current carrying conductors.

The SensorLink patented amp sensor is not position sensitive; just slip the AmpstikPlus over the conductor. The meter will store the current measurement within two seconds. Move to the next conductor and repeat the process.


Product Range

Product NumberProduct descriptionVoltageCurrentDisplaySensor Opening (cm)
8-020XT PLUSAmpstik Plus0 – 500kV1 -5000A3.5 digit6.35
8-024 PLUSWide jaw high voltage true RMS Ampstik Ammeter0 – 400kV1 -2000A3.5 digit9.8

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