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Product No.: SILF16


    The SILF™ can be used in:
    + Street lighting on columns and poles
    + Underground pits and pillars in distribution systems for units, town houses or factory complexes
    + On poles for service lines + At pumps and water reticuation systems.


  • + Insulated contact bolts with shear-heads for torque control
  • + Bolts may also be removed to disconnect the fuse holder
  • + Accommodates a wide range of cable sizes, clearly marked on the side
  • + Amp rating permanently marked on the fuse holder body
  • + Tinned brass tunnel connection chamber
  • + Totally sealed against moisture and water
  • + Hermetically sealed chamber for fuse cartridge
  • + Cable strip length clearly marked on the side
  • + Advanced and proven cable entry seal prevents water ingress
  • + Inexpensive and cost effective
  • + Each carton packaged with reusable application tool
  • + Over moulding is UV stabilised
  • + Easily identified as a fuse. Permanently marked in moulding
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