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The MSC series comprise a standard piercing connector coupled to a special multi-tap adaptor.

Product No.: MSCI/3595X

Product No.: MSCI/3595X BLUE

Product No.: MSCI Typical Application


  • General: For phase and neutral connections


  • + Cable entry joint seals at the side, parallel to main conductor. The linesman will always be working on the same plane.
  • + Superior two stage cable joint caps. Improves moisture seal on minimum and maximum sized cables ensuring longevity of connection.
  • + Shear-head bolts on the top of the connector. This means that the linesman is always working in the same orientation.
  • +Inserted tin plated brass teeth (both sides) provide a bimetallic connection for both copper and aluminum conductors.
  • + Optional high visibility yellow shear-head clips to indicate shear-head nuts have been properly operated. Can be seen from the ground.
  • + The new connectors are available in red, white and blue in addition to the standard black to facilitate easier phase identification and load balancing.
  • + Resealable test point on underside of connector.
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