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Product No.: 8-020XT

Typical Application


     The sensor is not position sensitive, just slip the Ampstik over a conductor and read the LCD. For those applications where the LCD is not visible, with a push of the button the user can put the meter into the hold mode, slip the instrument over the conductor, and then retrieve the instrument to view the measurement from the conductor.
     One meter is all that the user will require. The Ampstik measures in every electric utility setting. Its linear current sensors accurately measure loads from 1 amp to 5000 amps, as well as accurately measures in low to high voltage environments of up to 500kV.


  • + The Ampstik is easy to use and provides accurate information to anyone working with medium and high voltage. It gives line personnel the right answers so they have the ability to make decisions in the field.
  • + The housing of the Ampstiks are made of urethane and built to operate safely even in severe utility environments. They are resistant to shock, water repellent, and unsusceptible to flame. They also operate in a wide temperature environment.



Product No.: 8-020XT PLUS


    The AmpstikPlus uses the same current technology that was developed for the original SensorLink Ampstik. The key feature of the AmpstikPlus is the ability to hold up to four True RMS amperage readings, ending the need to raise and lower the hotstick for each reading. The opening of the current sensor is electronically closed, while external currents are electronically rejected. This sensor design enables the user to measure an individual conductor within close proximity to adjacent current carrying conductors. The SensorLink patented amp sensor is not position sensitive; just slip the AmpstikPlus over the conductor. The meter will store the current measurement within two seconds. Move to the next conductor and repeat the process. Return the instrument to eye level when all four of the measurements have been completed. This easy storing and retrieval of data makes the AmpstikPlus a practical and labor saving instrument.


  • The universal hotstick adaptor and internal structure of the AmpstikPlus are made of long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane called Celstran. This space-age polymer is non-conductive and extra tough to protect the amp sensor. The housing is made of urethane and built to operate safely, even in severe utility environments. The AmpstikPlus is resistant to shock, water repellent, unsusceptible to flame and operates in a wide temperature environment.



Product No.: 8-082XT PLUS


    The OhmstikPlus Live-Line Micro Ohmmeter measures the micro-ohm resistance of conductors, connectors, splices and switching devices positioned directly on an energized, high voltage lines. The OhmstikPlus calculates resistance by measuring the AC amperage in the line and the voltage drop due to the resistance of the line segment under test. Using the AC current in the line ensures that realistic current distributions through the connection are being measured. The instrument is pressed against the splice or connector in such a manner that the connection under test is between the two electrodes. In a few seconds the instrument is removed from the line and the line amperage and resistance are displayed on the front panel LCD. The Ohmstik Plus is designed to store up to nine sets of readings. The ability to hold the multiple readings ends the need to raise and lower the hot stick after each measurement.


  • This measurement is much more direct than infrared thermography, and is not subject to emmissivity, weather, current loading, background, and other influences that cause infrared errors.
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