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The Sicame TTD range of insulation piercing connectors (IPCs) provide a fast, convenient and reliable method of connectingoverhead low voltage mains to services or other mains. All common types of conductors can be interconnected, including insulatedaluminium or copper. The connectors have been tested to AS4396 and are approved for use by Australian power distribution utilities(Consult for further details).

Product No.: TTD101NBKX/12


  • General: To bond the riser bracket or steel work to the neutral conductor


  • Provides a fully sealed, waterproof connection
  • No need to strip cable to make the connection
  • Simultaneous piercing on main & tap
  • Torque controlling shear heads on all bolts
  • Tightening bolts do not come into contact with live┬ácomponents
  • Captive end cap for protection of tap cable, which can be mounted on either side
  • Fully bimetallic
  • Stainless steel fasteners
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