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The HSC series of connectors have been specially designed to connect consumers mains (house side) to insulated overhead service mains (service side). Fully insulated and equipped with torque control shear-head bolts, the HSC is safe and easy to use. No stripping of insulation is required on the service mains side. The consumers mains side requires 17mm of insulation to be stripped.

Product No.: HSC435AE

Product No.: HSC435T

Product No.: HSC435/1


  • Service side: Insulated copper or aluminium
  • Mains side: Consumers mains cable (house)


  • Shear heads on both connections
  • Complies with relevant sections of AS4396
  • Fully bimetallic
  • Easily fits into Sicame Australia mains boxes MCB Series).
  • Totally insulated and waterproof
  • IP67 rated
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