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Research & Development & Expertise

Engineering and Research & Development

The function of research and development is part of the engineering department’s responsibility. The need for R&D can be generated by two factors,

1. an unsolved problem or issue rose by a customer that requires a solution or

2. An advancement in product design or the application of advanced technology. The activities of R&D normally result in the development of new products and possible systems that are new to the industry or an adaptation of an existing product.

Not all of the efforts that are placed into R&D are visible to the eye. R&D could relate to internal components or a change in material science. Major and subtle changes that are developed through the R&D process generally advance the product for easier or wider application or resolve a function not previously capable.

Sicame utilizes the latest in design software. Primarily we utilize Solidworks, in which testing of the product can be undertaken on virtual prototypes before the first prototypes are constructed, further reducing development time.

As part of its R&D facilities it utilizes the latest in rapid prototyping. This allows for a hands on look at what the end product will look and feel like. It allows the virtual design concept to be taken into a physical representation of the finished product. This assists in the reduction of ‘time to market’ and allows for any cosmetic changes in design to be quickly, easily and effectively implemented.


Engineering & Manufacturing

The engineering department at Sicame are responsible for a number of facets of the process of product development through to production, testing and final manufacturing. As outline previously, research & development is only one of these facets, from then on engineering is responsible to take it from the concept and design stage into manufacturing. To be able to do this they are responsible for tooling, process control, sub component assembly design, quality assurance and final testing.

The engineering department is responsible to ensure the final product meets the requirements as outlined by the customer. It is important that both the design of the final product is reproducible in adequate volumes for manufacturing that maintain cost effectiveness and competitiveness. Sicame Australia’s engineering keep abreast new technologies in both material Science and processing to maintain the market leadership.

There is normally a technical standards required by the industries, however it is often that our technological advancements are well in front of these requirements of the standards. This is due to Sicame’s ability to develop new and innovative products including utilization of advanced technologies and materials into new products.


Customer Service

One of the most important aspects of business between the manufacturer and the customer is its customer service team. This link is an information flow between both organisations, so this is the most important aspect of our business; it must be accurate, comprehensive, on time and reliable. Sicame has established a highly motivated and resourceful team of personnel that are focused on delivering the highest customer service level.

We have two operational customer service centres, one in Yatala, Queensland, looking after Queensland and the Northern Territory and one in Arndell Park, New South Wales, looking after all other states. Both centres have the latest computer order processing facilities that has been designed specifically for the Sicame operation. Both centres are supported by technical personnel. The customer service team is responsible for sales enquiries, quotations, order placement, order delivery and general customer enquiries.

SICAME AUSTRALIA will strive to continue on the path of delivering exceptional customer service and product support from a local base that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.



One of the major issues in a country as vast and as isolated as Australia is the delivery of products to the customer on time and in good condition. To achieve on-time delivery Sicame is focused on managing all aspects of the logistics cycle from the controlling of stock including both sub components, finished products, purchasing and freight. The mixture of both locally sourced raw materials and materials further complicates this process or sub components imported from other Sicame subsidiaries.

This is where the logistics team at Sicame is streaks ahead of other organisations. It is a primary focus of our logistics team to deliver both internal and to external customers the highest level of logistics support. We have a purposed designed system to manage stock level of components, finished stock and purchasing. We utilize and control the most effective means of delivery using high quality carriers.

We are constantly reviewing and improving our systems to maintain and further our service to meet customer expectations. This is an ongoing and developing process. Our on-time delivery and logistics performance has time and time again been proven with many awards from our customers for exceptional service.


Quality Assurance

Sicame Australia is accredited to ASNZS ISO 9001 2008, quality assurance is at the core of our business. It manages the processes and monitors and audits improvements. It ensures that’s both sub components and finished products comply with specifications. Manufacturing, processes and company procedures are monitored and audited on a regular basis. All employees are Sicame take quality assurance seriously and actively participate in process improvement.

The Sicame quality assurance system is an evolving system, not one that is placed permanently in stone. This is achieved by constantly reviewing our quality system to ensure it meets the ever-changing requirements of our customer and their expectations


Enviromental Policy

Sicame Australia was one of the first electrical utility manufacturers to implement an environment management system. We are accredited to International ISO 14001 2004 since May 2007. Sicame Australia saw the need to be environmentally friendly many years ago and implemented an environment management system to reduce wastage of raw materials, stop pollution, reduce demand on resources and minimize our carbon footprint.

We have actively reduced water and energy consumption, ensured we carried on a non-pollution policy, increased recycling and reduced the use of non-recyclable packaging to an absolute minimum. All staff actively participates in this program on a daily basis.


Solar Projects

Sicame Australia’s projects team offer a range of DC reticulation systems for utility scale solar farms. Our solar harness to DC bus system solution is engineered for greater efficiency of installation and increased reliability, whilst limiting electrical losses.

Our harness is locally assembled and comprised of high-quality waterproof (IP68) locally manufactured components that have been successfully adopted in overheard distribution networks Australia-wide for more than 30 years. Our local presence also enables us to provide on the ground support in the initial stages on construction and beyond.

Please see our Solar Catalogue or contact our Brisbane head office on 3807 7022 for more information.

utility scale solar farms


Safety Show 2013

Come and see us at the show!




Sicame Australia will be exhibiting at the 2013 Safety Show to be held at the Sydney Showground on the 3rd to the 5th of September. A full range of safety equipment from Sicame, CATU and Sensorlink will be exhibited. Come along to our stand at F50 to see the latest range of equipment. We will be exhibiting the new MO-180-ARC 20 Cal Arc Flash Helmet, the only one all integrated helmet with arc flash face shield on the market. 


Message from MD

Rory Solomon - Sicame Australia MD

We are proud of the presence we have established in the development and supply of LV Overhead Insulated Systems and Electrical Safety products into the Electric Utility industry over the past 30 years.

More recently, we have focused our R & D and Engineering resources towards developing new, innovative products for LV & MV Underground distribution systems for both local and export markets.

We are well equipped to work with our customers to solve specific issues or improve network performance through our new product development Engineering resources. Many of our products also now find application in Industrial markets, including Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind farms), LNG, Mining & OEM’s, opening new opportunities for our growing company in the years ahead. 

Mr. Rory Solomon, Managing Director of Sicame Australia.

History of Sicame Australia


The Beginning of Sicame Australia

Australia Pty Ltd was originally established as a private business in the mid 1980s as Rooney North Johnson and established itself as a supplier of line equipment to the Australian utility industry. By the late 1980s it was partially acquired by Sicame Group and started local manufacturing and assembly as RNJ Sicame.

By the 1990s the ‘Sicame Group had fully acquired the company as Sicame Australia Pty Ltd. With the drive, enthusiasm and dedication of a small team focused on growing a long-term business, the organization expanded and dominated the new emerging market of LVABC connector equipment in Australia.

The Product Beginning

With a strong reputation as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cable (LVABC) Insulation Piercing Connectors and associated equipment. The Company has invested heavily in engineering and research and development in the field of insulation piercing and waterproof technology and is considered a world leader in this field for LV system connectors.

Sicame Australia has expanded its product range utilizing it’s advanced technology to develop an innovative and cutting edge range of connectors that are fully insulated and waterproof without the need to strip the outer insulation within the underground market. These products are made for the local Australian market and a special range of fitting was developed for the USA market. In April 2006 the company started exporting to the USA and has not only maintained this to the present date but also have added additional product to the USA export range. Other new markets and products have been developed for underground systems and exported to the UK, Europe and now India.

Emerging Markets

With the ever increasing competitive nature of the electrical utility market in Australia and a shrinking customer base by the amalgamation of customers, it is important that Sicame Australia continually expands it’s range and is focused on a broader market. Sicame has acquired Argenton Engineering who is the distributor for CATU Safety equipment (a subsidiary of Sicame Group) and manufactured Earthing systems. This acquisition has resulted in an expansion into the electrical safety market and has assisted Sicame to extend its range of products. Sicame now supply Earthing and safety equipment to nearly every utility in Australia with exports to New Zealand. In line with this market expansion Sicame Australia entered the Commercial and Industrial market supplying the range of Mecatraction, Catu and specialist Sicame products and this market will be a focus in the year’s ahead.

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