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Engineering and Research & Development

The function of research and development is part of the engineering department’s responsibility. The need for R&D can be generated by two factors,

1. an unsolved problem or issue rose by a customer that requires a solution or

2. An advancement in product design or the application of advanced technology. The activities of R&D normally result in the development of new products and possible systems that are new to the industry or an adaptation of an existing product.

Not all of the efforts that are placed into R&D are visible to the eye. R&D could relate to internal components or a change in material science. Major and subtle changes that are developed through the R&D process generally advance the product for easier or wider application or resolve a function not previously capable.

Sicame utilizes the latest in design software. Primarily we utilize Solidworks, in which testing of the product can be undertaken on virtual prototypes before the first prototypes are constructed, further reducing development time.

As part of its R&D facilities it utilizes the latest in rapid prototyping. This allows for a hands on look at what the end product will look and feel like. It allows the virtual design concept to be taken into a physical representation of the finished product. This assists in the reduction of ‘time to market’ and allows for any cosmetic changes in design to be quickly, easily and effectively implemented.


Engineering & Manufacturing

The engineering department at Sicame are responsible for a number of facets of the process of product development through to production, testing and final manufacturing. As outline previously, research & development is only one of these facets, from then on engineering is responsible to take it from the concept and design stage into manufacturing. To be able to do this they are responsible for tooling, process control, sub component assembly design, quality assurance and final testing.

The engineering department is responsible to ensure the final product meets the requirements as outlined by the customer. It is important that both the design of the final product is reproducible in adequate volumes for manufacturing that maintain cost effectiveness and competitiveness. Sicame Australia’s engineering keep abreast new technologies in both material Science and processing to maintain the market leadership.

There is normally a technical standards required by the industries, however it is often that our technological advancements are well in front of these requirements of the standards. This is due to Sicame’s ability to develop new and innovative products including utilization of advanced technologies and materials into new products.






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