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Sicame Australia utilizes the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems (QMS) system. This is a globally recognised and internationally accepted quality benchmark. It is a fundamental tool for reducing waste and initiative reducing risk while increasing customer confidence and business performance through continual improvement.

Sicame fully utilizes the benefits that a quality system brings to not only its manufacturing but also to its business and commercial organization. Our systems are reviewed and checked on a regular basis and independently verified by SAI Global. Sicame effectively implemented ISO 9001 many years ago and has realised the effectiveness of a good management system. It has created confidence between our customer, our staff and all stakeholders in the capabilities of our processes and the reliability of our products and services. We take a positive view of achieving compliance and driving ongoing business improvements


ISO 14001 Environmental Management

One of the largest challenges to all organisations around the globe is environmental sustainability. The communities, along with customers and businesses are demanding an increased environmental ethical outlook by business. Demand is increasing for these companies to be environmentally proactive, increasing the environmental performance expectations and these are becoming more onerous.

Sicame Australia many years ago actively took a positive step in managing the environmental footprint by becoming certified to ISO 14001. We are an environmentally responsible organisation practicing these processes daily. We have effectively integrated the environment management system framework into our existing business process. Sicame is constantly reviewing and making improvements to its manufacturing, business and management systems to achieve best practice in environmental sustainability.




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