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Sicame Group welcomes the recent acquisition of SEIFEL

Sicame Group welcomes the recent acquisition of SEIFEL on the 1st of April 2016.   

Seifel Purchase

SEIFEL is a designer and manufacturer of Public Infrastructure products specializing in the production of technical enclosures for the distribution, protection and metering of energy, water and gas.

SEIFEL was founded in 1974 in Saint Malo, FRANCE and CLAVED its Spanish subsidiary is based in Barcelona, SPAIN and was founded in 1939. 

Products are supplied into  Energy networks, water, gas and  telecommunications industries and include specific applications for :

  • Public ticketing
  • Public lighting
  • Railways
  • Marinas

SEIFEL is also recognised for its ability to meet more specific large scale project requirements such as grid scale solar projects, microgrid solutions and utility scale battery bank enclosures.

SEIFEL and CLAVED cover all processes from the design stage to the production line and use most of the technical solutions required for production, such as:

• processing of plastic materials (Thermoplastic injection - Thermoplastic extrusion - Polyester compression),

• mechanical modular construction,

• manufacturing of prefabricated buildings

• LV connectors and cabling.

The company’s professional and highly experienced teams bring their expertise to consultancy and feasibility studies as well as complete project management until implementation on site. Its production sites span 28,000m2 in France and 12,000m3 in Spain.

In terms of innovation, the company invests a significant amount of resources on R&D in a region (Brittany) where the high-tech sector is thriving. It has its own COFRAC-certified laboratory and is engaged in partnerships with local universities and the RENNES ATALANTE science park.

SEIFEL’S innovative products, high degree of quality and cost effective manufacturing line will allow the products to be widely accepted within the Australian market for utility, industrial and renewable energy applications.

SEIFEL is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Website: - www.claved.esv

Message from MD

Rory Solomon - Sicame Australia MD

We are proud of the presence we have established in the development and supply of LV Overhead Insulated Systems and Electrical Safety products into the Electric Utility industry over the past 30 years.

More recently, we have focused our R & D and Engineering resources towards developing new, innovative products for LV & MV Underground distribution systems for both local and export markets.

We are well equipped to work with our customers to solve specific issues or improve network performance through our new product development Engineering resources. Many of our products also now find application in Industrial markets, including Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind farms), LNG, Mining & OEM’s, opening new opportunities for our growing company in the years ahead. 

Mr. Rory Solomon, Managing Director of Sicame Australia.

History of Sicame Australia


The Beginning of Sicame Australia

Australia Pty Ltd was originally established as a private business in the mid 1980s as Rooney North Johnson and established itself as a supplier of line equipment to the Australian utility industry. By the late 1980s it was partially acquired by Sicame Group and started local manufacturing and assembly as RNJ Sicame.

By the 1990s the ‘Sicame Group had fully acquired the company as Sicame Australia Pty Ltd. With the drive, enthusiasm and dedication of a small team focused on growing a long-term business, the organization expanded and dominated the new emerging market of LVABC connector equipment in Australia.

The Product Beginning

With a strong reputation as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cable (LVABC) Insulation Piercing Connectors and associated equipment. The Company has invested heavily in engineering and research and development in the field of insulation piercing and waterproof technology and is considered a world leader in this field for LV system connectors.

Sicame Australia has expanded its product range utilizing it’s advanced technology to develop an innovative and cutting edge range of connectors that are fully insulated and waterproof without the need to strip the outer insulation within the underground market. These products are made for the local Australian market and a special range of fitting was developed for the USA market. In April 2006 the company started exporting to the USA and has not only maintained this to the present date but also have added additional product to the USA export range. Other new markets and products have been developed for underground systems and exported to the UK, Europe and now India.

Emerging Markets

With the ever increasing competitive nature of the electrical utility market in Australia and a shrinking customer base by the amalgamation of customers, it is important that Sicame Australia continually expands it’s range and is focused on a broader market. Sicame has acquired Argenton Engineering who is the distributor for CATU Safety equipment (a subsidiary of Sicame Group) and manufactured Earthing systems. This acquisition has resulted in an expansion into the electrical safety market and has assisted Sicame to extend its range of products. Sicame now supply Earthing and safety equipment to nearly every utility in Australia with exports to New Zealand. In line with this market expansion Sicame Australia entered the Commercial and Industrial market supplying the range of Mecatraction, Catu and specialist Sicame products and this market will be a focus in the year’s ahead.

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